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Wilderness Edge hosts 300+ Envirothon delegates  

Wilderness Edge hosts 300+ Envirothon delegates

Envirothon Great Success

Congratulations To The Winning Teams...



The team from Baker School in south central Manitoba won this year's Manitoba Envirothon held at Wilderness Edge in Pinawa, Manitoba.

The 3 day event played host to a variety of students, teachers, parents and dedicated volunteers.

Wilderness Edge was well know to the organizers of this event, and in fact had already been previously choosen as the conference host for the associated groups Boreal Forest International, Manitoba Forestry Association, Manitoba Conservation and Manitoba Hydro. The location and size of the facility was idea for this large and environmentally conscious event.

Andrea Swain the event coordinator worked in concert with Wilderness Edge to ensure the highest levels of recycling and bio-degradable materials where used for the entire event so that a single theme of "Enviromentally Responsible" would be evident from start to the finish.

Team members Jennifer Waldner, Susan Waldner, Joseph Waldner, Jeremy Waldner, and Melanie Waldner (same surname but not one family) delivered a very solid, well-reasoned Orals Presentation that capped off a top ten Trails Test Finish. They were assisted in their efforts by advisers Ernie and Johannes Waldner. The Baker School team will represent Manitoba at this year's Canon Envirothon, North America's largest high school environmental education competition. The event will be held July 28 to August 3, 2008 in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The second place team came from Vincent Massey Collegiate in Winnipeg. Kathy Stardom and Barbara Fuller advised Erin Collins, Lindsay Cook, Victor Lee, Aaron Henderson-Gracie, and Kaitlin Sanders.

Third place went to the team from Swan Valley Regional Secondary School ? Team B. Former Envirothon competitor Kathleen Peden and teacher Rick Wowchuk coached this team, from a school that places highly with amazing consistency. The team members are Amy Currie, Kirsten Larson, Erika Brandson, Ryan Branconnier, and Nikki Highmoor.

Fourth place went to the second team from Swan Valley Regional Secondary School, the North West Soil Management Association Team. Edward Shao, Breanne Anderson, Nyla Burnside, Teagan Markim, and Matthew Forbes were advised by teacher Alex Verbo and former Envirothon competitor Shawn Stankewich.

This year's Rookie Team of the Year came from Kelvin High School in Winnipeg. There were 5 rookie teams in attendance alongside 8 high schools from across the province that entered two teams each. This year's field of 34 teams was the highest entry number in the 12-year history of the Manitoba Envirothon, hosted by the Manitoba Forestry Association. The growing popularity of the Manitoba event speaks well of our youth's desire to engage environmental issues in a practical, fun way.

All 34 teams enjoyed a picture-perfect Trail Test day along the ironwood and Golf Club Trails. The two trails took teams over the environmental diversity that is so rich in this area that is the start of the Canadian Shield. Pinawa (1.5 hours north east of Winnipeg) is nestled alongside the Winnipeg River and the teams had to concentrate on the tasks presented given the scenic beauty these two trails offered. "The enthusiasm all competitors displayed, their sportsmanship, and the knowledge they imparted in their orals presentations was nothing short of inspiring. We've got students engaged in environmental studies and issues and they are having fun learning!" noted Co-Chair Glenn Peterson.

Editor's Note: Check here for complete details of all the winning teams and thank you from the organizers.Wilderness Edge hosts 300+ Envirothon delegates


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