Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Center

  • 2nd- Manitoba Envirothon - May 30, 2012
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Leaders FAQs


Are all rooms supplied with linens and towels?

Yes. All your bedding and towels are provided.

There is no daily maid service, but there are fresh towels and toiletries available daily in our front lobby kiosk area.

Can people stay in their RV or Tent instead of renting a room?

Pinawa offers a wonderful outdoor playground. There are no camping areas or outdoor firepits directly in Pinawa but we do have 11 acres by the water and any guest that purchases a dorm room package may also bring an RV or Tent and have access to our dorm public showers and the rest of facility as all other overnight guests. We don't have any special facilities for RV's or tents, but our yard and parking lot do attract many of both each year.

Do you have a sound system or video projector we can rent?

Yes, we have this kind of audio/video equiptment for all your meeting needs. Our booking form has a huge list of options that can be ordered for your meeting area. It is under the Meeting options section in the PDF booking form located HERE.

How do I get a price quote?

Fill out our unique PDF booking form, located HERE. As you type your information into the form, it will automaitcally price out your stay. The last page of the PDF contains the actual invoices that will be used.

How early can I come to setup?

Generally a leader can come and start setup at the check-in time they specify in their PDF booking form.  4pm is the earliest time we offer to groups without an early check-in surcharge.

Most groups check-out of our facility at 2pm and we need a couple of hours to get ready for the next group.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

Generally large groups can make a booking up to 2 calendar years in advance. Smaller groups (less than 30) can tag onto larger groups up to 2 years in advance. Groups less than 30 that want to come when no other groups are booked may book 3 months or less in advance of a date.

Some restrictions apply.

What is the capacity of your largest meeting room?

The Manitoba room and Aggasiz room both have rating of 200 people each.  We have a total of 5 meeting rooms and 8 meeting areas in total.

What kind of deposit do you require?

We take a 25% deposit. The PDF booking form does all the price calculations including the amount required as a deposit. You can make your deposit via Credit Card or Cheque.