Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Center

  • 2nd- Manitoba Envirothon - May 30, 2012
    “It was a really great event! Thanks…”

Old Pinawa Dam

The Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park is a small jewel located in eastern Manitoba just 8 miles from Wilderness Edge on Provincial Road 520. It is a tranquil park with large open spaces, plenty of shade, the peace of falling water and the relaxing songs of the birds. This is the perfect place to come to picnic, to hike the nature trails, to rediscover its past....

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Seven Sister Dam

Wilderness Edge strongly recommends visiting the dam while in the area. It is one thing to see photos of it. But its a completely different experience to actually walk right up to the dam. To hear the sound of the water rushing over the spillway, and to see the massive size of the dam itself. Manitoba Hydro provides free tours of the facility and asks t...

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Whiteshell Provincial Park

Wilderness Edge is located on the edge of Whiteshell Provincial Park. In 1734, LaVerendrye, on his search for the Western Sea, stumbled upon a very special place. Forests teaming with wildlife, lakes abundant with fish, massive rock cliffs, valleys painted with wildflowers of every color. The Ojibway people had long enjoyed this special place. While travelin...

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