Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Center

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Individual FAQs


Are telephones available?

Yes. There are two payphones in the front lobby area. Most (But not all) guest rooms have a phone directly in the room. Most cell phones also work in the area.

Can I bring a tent or camp in the area?

Pinawa offers a wonderful outdoor playground. There are no camping areas or outdoor firepits directly in Pinawa but we do have 11 acres by the water and any guest that purchases a dorm room package may also bring an RV or Tent and have access to our dorm public showers and the rest of facility as all other overnight guests. We don't have any special facilities for RV's or tents, but our yard and parking lot do attract many of both each year.

Can special diets be accommodated?

If you are booked in with a group using our PDF booking form, we are able to accommodate most special diets requests. Please instruct the person filling out the group PDF booking form to include your special diet requests and include your email and phone# in the guest list section. There is generally a surcharge if we are required to prepare a specially made meal, although there are some exception if we are able to just exclude ingredients due to food allergies.

Can we prepare our own meals?

Yes. Just book a room with a kitchen or kitchenette. We also have many BBQ's in our courtyard which are generally accesible unless a group function books that area. Private group courtyard functions are a maximum of 1 hour.

Do we have to bring our own bedding?

No. All your bedding and towels are provided.

There is no daily maid service, but there are fresh towels and toiletries available daily in our front lobby kiosk area.

Do you have highspeed and/or wireless internet? Is there a charge for its use?

We offer free access to our wireless Internet which is available in our public areas as well as most rooms that face the courtyard area. No user name or password is required.

How do we make a reservation?

You can either do it online using this website, or contact us directly.

How do we pay?

We take Visa, Mastercard and Interac. If you would like to pay by a different method than what is listed here, please contact us directly before making your booking.

How many people does your facility hold?

We can hold a lot of people! We have 6 meeting rooms, 115 guest rooms and 415 bed spaces. A bed space is counted with a single bed as 1 bed space, and a double or queen bed as 2 bed spaces. The largest group we booked in 2008 was 346 people.

How much deposit and what is the cancellation policy?

For individuals we offer a 72 hour cancelation policy if you book 2 weeks or less in advance.

Cancelation and deposit policies for groups are clearly listing inside their PDF booking form.

I want to come in an RV, will that be ok?


We do not have more than a 15amp service outside, so don't plan on using to many features in that fancy RV of yours Laughing. We offer no other RV service outside of electrical service. Bring a long electrical cord with you, as the plug in could easily be 100 ft from where you are required to park (At the end of our parking lot).

Guests planning on staying in an RV are required to pay the same rate as if staying in a dorm/youth room. This rate also included the use of our public showers and washrooms, and access to a dorm room should you choose to spend the night indoors.

Rental of a guest room gives you the same access to our facility as other overnight guest room members have.

Is there a minimum number of guests required?

You can book as little as 1 person. The larger the group, the farther out you can book.

Large groups can generally book 2 calendar years in advance.

Small groups 1 year in advance.

Tiny groups 3 months or less in advance.

Single rooms generally 2 weeks in advance.

No pet facility

We do not allow pets in our facility.  We have staff and sometimes guests that are allergic.  All our rooms are carpeted, and a pet accident will cause unwanted odors.  Barking can also be an issue.  For all these reasons and others we do not allow any pets.

What is Wilderness Edges mailing address and phone number?

Our full contact information can be found by going to our Contact Us page.

What is your facility like?

Well, as a retreat centre we are not a hotel, nor a camp. We are somewhere in between offering what we believe is the best of both worlds. Browse through our website to get a good feel for the type of accomidations and activities that are offered.

One of the biggest differences between a hotel and ourselves is that we do not offer daily maid services with our guest rooms.

Unlike a camp, our rooms are hotel like and we provide all beding and access to fresh towels and tolieties daily. 90% of our rooms offer a private 4 piece bathroom, TV and air conditioning.