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Wilderness Edge hosts Science school - 7 years running...

July Open House And Wrapping Up The Season...

The students and mentors of Manitoba Science academy have for the last 7 years partnered with Wilderness Edge, using their guest rooms and meeting areas the first 6 weeks of summer holidays.

Thirty-eight guests and campus members attended the Open House and closing ceremonies on Friday, July 18th. The morning tours commenced at the Spectrum Scientific Lab at the Atomic Energy of Canada Plant site, where guests visited students working on three projects focusing on agricultural themes.


Dylon Martin of Thompson explains the theory of the chemistry study he worked on with partner Marybeth Rempel, Winnipeg.

The later part of the morning was spent at the Pinawa High School Science lab where two project teams were located. A University of Manitoba Project focused on the design of a grain storage system, which will utilize liquid nitrogen to control insect infestation. The second project is being conducted by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and is exploring reasons that carbon electrodes fail on nuclear cells.

Following a group luncheon at the Pinawa Motor Inn, the group met at the Wilderness Edge Marina to hear from students working on three projects involving Lake Sturgeon.


The students were all well prepared to greet the guests and presented their work with enthusiasm. Since Open House marks the mid-term of the six-week summer program, the students had collected a fair amount of data for their research but had not yet analyzed or formed conclusions regarding their findings. Final results will be delivered at the formal Oral Presentation event on Thursday August 7th.


Tyler Dram of Waboden and Kate Gong of Winnipeg speak to the guests about Sturgeon habitat and feeding preferences discovered to date.

Scholarships For 2008

The Manitoba Science Academy has seen a growing interest from Funding Partners through establishment of Scholarships for student attendees. This year, nine of the eighteen students are participating in the program under full scholarship from a variety of organizations.

Manitoba Water Stewardship-Fisheries Enhancement Fund provided four full scholarships to Manitoba students interested in Sturgeon research. The recipients of these Scholarships included: Kate Gong, Jessica Smith, Iresha Ratnayake of Winnipeg, and Stephanie Landherr of Thompson. The Nelson River Sturgeon Board also provided Scholarships to students involved in Sturgeon research to Jordan Guiboche of Norway House and Tyler Dram of Waboden.

The St. Theresa Point Education Authority sponsored Lindsay McDougall and Russell Mason, of their First Nations Community to participate in the Pinawa based research program.