British Sports Car Rendezvous  

British Sports Car Rendezvous

A Fabulous Weekend at the Edge...


Well, the response we are getting from participants is that a good time was had by all. This was the 18th Annual Rendezvous and the first time that Manitoba went outside the city of Winnipeg to host and we couldn't be more pleased with the result (we take turns with Thunder Bay and the northern states). We hope the townsfolk enjoyed the little British cars and their proud owners as much as we enjoyed their hospitality.

Wilderness Edge and the community of Pinawa offers much in the way of natural beauty and is quintessentially rustic but is capable of absorbing a large group with ease. Thanks so very much to Nancy Bremner, the Pinawa Community Development Officer who liaised with any supporting services we requested and made the whole planning effort so much easier. From beginning to end, it was wonderful, so thank you to every single person and business that lent their support.

Wilderness Edge has its own special ambiance and history and one could see participants, when they first arrived, trying to figure out exactly what kind of venue this was. A walkabout, a hearty meal, and soon people found the groove, and I swear, I never saw anything less than contentment on any face.

On Thursday, a few lucky folk arrived early enough to enjoy an afternoon of unusual team golfing. That evening was our Meet and Greet gathering held at the Pinawa Golf Course and it set the tone of relaxed camaraderie, with good food, libation, cars, weather holding, and the great outdoors.

We don't get to pick the weather, and we simply trusted that somehow we would be able to work around a day of rain; and so we did. It rained quite consistently all day Friday but we still managed to fit in all the designated and somewhat challenging activities. Two large tour groups were given stimulating tours of the Seven Sisters Generating Station, and the blustery weather was only a mild nuisance. A smaller group had hoped to visit the Petroforms and we were about to cancel when our guide, Ron Bell from the Whiteshell Natural History (Nutimik) Museum suggested we come down to the Museum at least. Our little British convoy happily wound back out to the highway and through thePark in the rain (many of these little gems leak I have to tell you) and were rewarded with a most informative lecture on the Petroform site. No one felt that they had missed out in any way. We received one letter of thanks saying that this talk and slide show in itself was worth the trip from Saskatoon! Also scheduled that morning, and again Friday afternoon, was a tour of her home and gardens by Irene Friesen of Wolfstone Pottery. Every person fortunate enough to get on that very short list pronounced it wonderful in every way.


The first car event was held Friday afternoon - a rally, a really fun event, not meant to lose people, but just the right amount of competition and a chance to explore some of the area's points of interest such as the suspension bridge (which they had to cross to get information on the other side and I hear it was a bit slippery so a few good laughs there). Coming back to the lodge from the morning tours, and in from the grey and wet outside, people were greeted by the most beautiful and colourful display of quilts, pottery, and paintings and other wares brought together by the local artisans. We realize it was a great deal of work to set up this display and we do want everyone to know that it was very much appreciated and admired. We think it worked remarkably well in terms of how it was set up in that venue should they choose to do something like this again.

Friday evening, the entire group sat spellbound as Dyrk Bolger gave a fine slide presentation on his team's experience as third place winners in their first time participation in Targa Nfld, a gruelling 5-day car rally through tortuouscoastal and village roadways.

Saturday was breezy but no rain with enough sunshine to make it perfect for that day's events, all held in the mall parking lot: Funkhana in the morning, a crazy little circuit, showcasing the manoeuvrability of the cars, skill and memory of the drivers and good nature of the navigators who had to performeats of hilarity such as eating a cracker and not going forward until they could whistle; Show and Shine in the afternoon when many of the residents came to admire and chat with the car owners; at one end of the parking area was the Pit Stop Challenge, also meant to entertain both participants and onlookers as timed teams ran through a series of challenges involving auto parts in some way...It was all great fun.


We ended the day with a banquet at Wilderness Edge; everyone commented on the absolutely marvelous food. We had a silent screen presentation throughout of candid shots from the last three days and finished up withawards for all the events. We had a paper bag auction as well and the most popular item by far was the basket of goodies prepared and offered by some of the Pinawa businesses.


The Pinawa CDC basket with gifts from the Pinawa CDC, Pinawa Golf Club, Granite Internet, Manitoba Conservation, Book Break, Deer Ridge Cabins, Purity Personal Day Spa, and Wolfston Pottery.